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What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is about noticing, acknowledging and
appreciating the things in your life.
It is the quality of being thankful.
Gratitude is a readiness to show appreciation
for and to return kindness.

Deeper Reflection
Gratitude is a personality trait, a mood, and an emotion.
Gratitude is the feeling of happiness that comes from expressing appreciation.
When you are in a grateful mood, more grateful emotions will flow through you.
People with a more grateful personality will experience grateful moods and
grateful emotions more often

Resources for Families

• Writing and delivering a thank you note can actually make you happier
• Keeping track of what you’re grateful for can make you feel more optimistic
about the week ahead
• Leading gratitude researcher, Robert Emmons, suggests a good way to
increase your feelings of gratitude is to embrace the setbacks you experience
in life
• Use visual reminders to help you remember to count your blessings
• A study demonstrated that people doing a gratitude exercise (versus those
that did not), put much more effort into reaching their goals and made
measurably more progress toward them – 20% more! This may be due to the
energetic effects of gratitude
• Children who practice grateful thinking have more positive attitudes toward
school and their families
• Grateful people do not deny or ignore the negative aspects of life, but they
focus on the positive
• Check out OMazing Kids on Facebook – a great list of fun ideas for families