Good afternoon Abraham Erb families,

We are monitoring several cases of pediculosis (head lice), a common but inconvenient concern, affecting several classes here at school.
Written information about necessary precautions was sent home with each child yesterday.

Because of the ease with which lice may be spread in the school setting, we ask that all parents check their child’s scalp (as well as other family members), and treat if necessary.
Please see the information sheet linked below for advice.

Pediculosis Info

Children with pediculosis may not attend or return to school until head lice, eggs, nits have been effectively removed.

Please inform parents of your child’s close contacts of this notice to help prevent the spread.

Control of pediculosis requires the co-operative effort of parents, school personnel and health professionals. We thank you for your assistance.

If you have questions regarding head lice, contact a pharmacist, physician or the recorded Head Lice Information Line at the Waterloo Region Community Health Department at 519-883-2286.

Ms. Stroud, Principal
Mr. Hughes, Vice-Principal